Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hello sunshine!

It's been almost 3 years since I last updated.
It is now Ramadhan and in about a week, we'll be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I usually lose between 2-3 kg during fasting month but the weight doesn't stay long. After the first week of hari raya, I would gain 1 or 2kg. *sigh* That's the problem if you stay in Malaysia. There are so many delicious food and very difficult to resist them.
What I've been doing for the past 3 years, I made sure I don't go to so many open houses during raya month. Usually, I went to only 2 open houses during the weekends. My cardio classes were about 5 times a week and I would add more weight sessions. Currently I love doing X-blast classes at Fitness First. It's just a 30 minutes class but it'll work so many muscle groups that at the end of the day, my whole body would ache.

Some update on my progress:
1. I am only 3kg lighter than I was in 2014. However, I've gained more muscle and lost 3% more of my body fat.
2. My upper body is now stronger since I started doing body weight workouts and joining Body Pump classes.
3. My right knee is still not that good. I had to forget about outdoor running for a while because of my knee injury in November 2017.

My dance progress:
1. I got my Zumba Fitness license in Nov 2014. Been teaching Zumba (mostly female only classes) but I only do replacement classes as my current schedule (plus the kids' school and tuition schedule) are very tight. Planning to commit to a few permanent classes next year (2019).
2. I attended Les Mills Sh'bam training in 2015 but decided not to pursue as my knees are not good enough for all those jumps, hops and leaps.
3. I attended Les Mills Body Jam training in 2016 but there are too many good instructors (and I'm not really 'there' yet)
in Malaysia and very few clubs are offering this program. So, yeah... have to put this on hold for some time.

Here's some pictures to go with the story:

One of the most memorable Deepavali Zumba with the late Zin Ardy

Christmas Zumba with Zin Linda and Zin CK
Chilling with KL Body Jammers after Zaza's class

Mother's Day 2017 with my boys

Sh'bam Theme Class with Ernie

Mother's Day 2018 with my boys

All in all, Alhamdulillah, I have a good life. 

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