Friday, October 30, 2009


Only 2 things are certain in life: everybody ages, everybody dies. Each passing day most of us try not to think of these two. Let's not blame ourselves, let's just go with the flow.

Signs of ageing can be seen even in our early twenties. The crow feet, the lines on our forehead and underneath the eyes are among the early ones that will surface and they're like a sudden knock on the front door, 'Knock! Knock! You're getting old and wrinkly.'

The other sign is joint and back pain.Blame it on calcium deficiency, unhealthy eating, cheap mattresses and even laziness. Still, they're signs that age is catching up.

I had a terrible lower back pain that started in the early 2nd trimester of my recent pregnancy. The doctor told me it could be the ligaments' problem. Our joints and ligaments become quite tender during the 9 months. Since I never had it before, I thought it must be the age. 35 is not a recommended age to get pregnant, by the way.

I bought this back support so that it kept me standing and sitting straight during daytime. I didn't wear it to sleep. Slouching will only make the pain worse and unbearable. Without the back support, I usually had to get up really slowly from my chair and walk in slow-mo heading towards the washroom. I walked like a 90 year old granny because it was impossible to straighten the body right away after getting up from the chair. It would feel like all your bones were falling apart.

This back support helped me a lot to get through my days at work. I was thinking of getting a very long MC if I had to walk around the office like an old granny.

After the C-sect (day02) I started putting on this tummy binder. It provided the much needed tummy support and I was able to breathe normally. Remember, the first exercise after your C-sect is doing the proper breathing. I practiced the Yoga style breathing which allows more air to enter you lungs. At the same time, it clears the mind and you'll feel refreshed after only 5 minutes of this breathing exercise.

Another good Yoga position you can do right away is the corpse. Just lie down, hands on the sides, legs apart, head turned to the side, close your eyes and relax. It's so easy; and if you're lazying at home in this position and your mom nags you, just tell her you're exercising. Life can be a bed of roses for some people who really know how to manipulate the people around them and get away with things easily. You agree with me? No? Don't worry, the choice is yours.

*Images taken from OPPO Medical.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Step One

As advised by friends and colleagues, I consulted my gynae regarding the workout sessions that I'm planning to have for the next month or so.
Surprisingly, she told me that I should only start joining the aerobics classes, BodyCombat, BodyAttack and  other high impact exercises after 6 months. That means, I can only start those exercises in March 2010!! Awwww...!!!
In the mean time I can only do the low impact ones like the elliptical trainer, wave machine, rower, stationary bike and treadmill (no running though). I should also be wearing the tummy binder during my work out session. I have already started doing some resistance training but limited myself to the lightest weight possible.
This is going to be like starting from zero all over again. Taking baby steps for the next one month and later increase the resistance and speed gradually. By right everything should be back to normal by April 2010? Yes? No? Don't know yet.
My gynae also advised to defer hiring Personal Trainer; have to wait and see. If the incision area is strong enough by then, it's ok to hire a PT. Otherwise, go swimming la maybe...
It's not too bad I think. Yesterday I did 15 minutes on the wave machine and rowed 2000 meters and was drenched in sweat afterwards. Come to think about it, I need to sweat in order to detox. Slimming down is not the top priority right now. Will discuss this again in March 2010! Remind me, ok.


I'm a thirty something mother of 3 who also happen to be slaving myself in the office from 9 to 5 daily.

Some background:

- I was born and raised in Bera, Pahang
- I went to a primary school in Pahang
- I went to the superfamous Sek Tun Fatimah from 1987-1991
- I did a diploma in UPM in Agricultural Engineering for 2 years
- I graduated from UPM in 1998 as a proud degree holder - Bach Of Engineering (Electronics and Computer)
- I have been working in the IT industry since 1998
- Up until today, I've been working for 2 IT companies

Useless facts:
- my wardrobe is color coordinated
- my right foot is slightly bigger than my left
- I hate satay perut
- my favorite food is cucur ikan bilis

Important facts:
- I have been struggling with my weight since 1988.
- Size 16 fits me nicely (sometimes)
- Size 18 fits me better (for certain designs)
- Size 20 comes in handy at times

Intro: Hello World!

Hello dearests....

this blog focuses on health and fitness so you can expect a lot of stories about healthy food, struggle at the gym, diet programs, food supplementary and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

All the posts containing health products in this blog are not sponsored. I'll write reviews so that my readers can benefit from the product (if they're good and effective).

I advice my readers to consult their doctors prior to doing any of the exercise mentioned in this blog (that is if you've been a couch potato for the past 5 years or more).