Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Price...

...and the sacrifices I have to make in order to live healthier (and have that hot bod):

  • less makan-makan session with the gossip girls that translates to lesser gossip sessions...*sigh*
  • no more baking at home. No more choc chip muffin. No more cashew nut cookies. Because if I bake, I will eat... and when I start to eat it will not be just a few pieces...
  • shouldn't stock coconut milk in the pantry. I used to have at least 12 boxes kept in the kitchen cabinet but now limiting to 3.
  • should't stock instant noodles at home. Argh... no more late night maggi session with the boys. So far they're not complaining but I'm sure in a week's time I'll be maggi deprived.
  • eat vege. I hate them, but now I have to learn on how to love them. But still..... *yucky!!*
  • avoid mamak. Oh god, my social calendar is suffering.
  • avoid Pakcik Nasik Lemak. Well, it's been 4 weeks since I last bought nasik lemak and kuih from this pakcik. I hope he understands that I've been helping his business to prosper but now I have other pressing matters that I should prioritize.
Well, that's quite a huge sacrifice I'm making. This program better work well and the people around me must give better support and be more understanding because I can just flip within seconds.... hehehe.... and won't look back in anger (or regret).

Saturday, January 23, 2010


One of the things I have to do after each weigh-in session is to take my body measurement. Particularly the waist, hip, breast, thigh and arms. The frightening statistics are keyed-in so that the BiggestLoserClub website could provide me with the progress report consisting of bar-chart, line graph and the latest Waist Hip Ratio and BMI.
This week I weighed in on Wednesday and later found out that my waist was 1cm smaller. So were my arms and my hip. It's quite amazing to lose those inches only after 2 weeks of following the program. But I've done a lot, too. So, it's not really a surprise. I'd be more surprised if there was no change at all.
However, I do expect some disappointment on some weeks because it's a known fact that when we participate in this kind of program it's always 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Whenever there's a back step i.e not losing any weight/inches after working your ass off the whole week, just remember that you've probably gain muscle. That explains no change in body mass.
After I weighed-in this week, I treated myself with mee goreng mamak. Hehehehe... That's 450 calories ++ you all.....!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, yeay !!!!! During my weigh-in on last Wednesday morning the (I hope) the scale was not lying when it showed I've gone down by 1kg.... well that's one Blob out of my body. Hooorayyy!!!

This week my exercise plan gets more challenging as I'm going to attend a session of Body Step. Yikes. Not my favorite at all. Still haven't decided which day will be most suitable for me to go. This quarter the timetable has changed a bit and some classes I frequented are not in my preferred time slots anymore. It's going to be quite a challenge to attend classes at Menara Axis and Summit but I'll do the best I can.
Anyway, I went to BodyVive class last Thursday and my oh my I was not prepared for the surprises they had for me in Release 13. Gone are the days when people thought that BodyVive was only for Makcik-makcik. This release demands a lot from me. Track 1 would remind you of BodyAttack class. A few tracks would make you feel like attending BodyPump and there's one track that made me drenched in sweat, it felt like BodyCombat toned 2 degrees down.

BodyVive class in progress. They are all holding the Vive Balls which have really nice smell. The balls become our exercise partner during the class not just some dumb prop we need to hold.

Poster of Release 12 when there were still graceful and really low impact moves. I didn't really sweat when I started attending this class.

Poster of Release 13. This one made Release 12's difficulty level looks like 'kacang putih'. You wanna sweat? Build muscles? Tone your body? Burn more calories but need to be in a low impact class? BodyVive is the answer baby....

Saturday, January 9, 2010


On 6th Jan 2010 I joined BiggestLoserClub Asia. I've checked their charges a few weeks back and thought it was rather expensive. But when I found out that FF members get cheaper rates, I signed up without second thoughts.
Today is my fourth day into the program and I already lost almost 1kg. Wait, don't cheer yet. The program designed for me was for gym goers and it's quite tough. The recommended exercises made me go back to the cardio machines, no matter how much I hate them.
I did the cardio machines on the first day but the next day I joined the group exercise class - it was BodyPump. On the third day I also joined another group exercise class, Easy Step. It's been more than 2 years since I did Step. Couldn't remember why I hated it so much but that day my mind became clear again. During Step classes, I really need to work my big muscles and it involve a lot of body weight lifting. For a heavy woman like me, that's difficult enough.
Today, my big muscles are still sore from that Not-so-Easy Step class.
But I'm happy.... because now I have an online diary which is a good tool/weapon to ensure I stick to the program and remember my target. Oh, by the way my target is to lose 22Kg in 6 months' time.
Will update on the progress some time in March 2010. Until then, wish me luck...!