Monday, May 17, 2010

Slacking and the dreaded plateau

It has been a yo-yo diet and not much work out since mid March 2010. That was after I fired the maid and my baby had a serious case of diarrhea. I took a few days off work to take care of him at the hospital. It took more than 9 days for things to return to normal. After that, I tried going to the gym according to my program but too bad, the new contra flow lane opened at LDP was causing a whole new mess - it took me 50 minutes to drive from SJ to IOI. The nearest U-turn has been closed and I have to take the third U-turn which cost me an additional 20 minutes.

I've been missing the 5.45pm classes and resorted to doing cardio/weight/resistance on my own. There are days when I could join the 5.45pm classes at FF WC (now have moved to Empire) but I always prefer IOI for its space and it would only take me roughly 10 minutes to reach home from there.

So I've been slacking. Have only been working out once or twice a week. Usually the total calories burned was around 200 - 300, which might be suitable if I were in maintenance mode. But I should be burning about 400 - 500 Kcalories at least 4 times a week in order to achieve my target weight. My mini target was to lose 9kg by 1st May 2010. Now that I've been slacking in my exercise regime, I only managed to lose 6kg and have been on a plateau since 15th April 2010. Argh... this is really bad.

Although I managed to do a little bit of workout, I couldn't stick to the diet suggested by the program. We've been eating out a lot when my baby was sick, as I didn't have the energy to cook. On top of that, due to sleep deprivation I was always craving for sweet things: chocolates, cakes, creme brulee, ice cream and sometimes carbonated drinks. I was lucky enough my weight stayed on the plateau. When I calculated back the total daily calorie intake for the past month, it was 40% more than what I should have. The biggest culprit has got to be Pelita Nasi Kandar. It's good that they opened a branch near IOI, but it's really bad for me.
So, this week in conjunction with the opening of FF Empire, I'm going back to my exercise regime and the diet program (that I think really worked). It's just that now I have to figure out how after my workout, I can reach my house around 7pm to prepare dinner for the family.