Sunday, May 15, 2011

No update means not many activities

Ok, I last updated in March 2011. Since then I've only been to the gym once a week. That's how not frequent and not consistent I was. March, April and May have been really hectic. I have three concurrent projects whereby I'm actively involved in the deployments. Having a Team Leader title is not an excuse to be a generalist. There are still a lot of technical stuffs that I have to have hands on skills. Otherwise, technical certifications won't be put in my appraisal plan, right?
In April, I discovered that my BP was slightly high. Well, let's just say that it was high that the Doctor looked worried after taking the third reading that week. I was actually really frustrated. Having lived a rather healthy life for the past 3 years and cooked at home more frequent than ever and yet the BP still shot up. Even my bad cholesterol level has gone down significantly.
So, I have been on medication since April. The meds made me feel like floating and I couldn't really focus on my work. I stopped taking them for almost a week. After that, I continued with the meds and it was better, no more floating. Because of that, I'd rather go home straight from work and took a short nap before Maghrib. I told myself that I needed extra rest and sleep. I've been neglecting those two for several months.
Early last week, I went for a follow up session with the doctor. My BP has gone down to almost normal level (normal for a 37 year old woman). Although my BP was better during my pregnancy, but the reading now is considered okay and not worrying.
I guess I will start running actively next week (procrastinate.... and procrastinate some more... hehehe)