Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dropped 11kg and 2 dress size, darlings!!

Yeay! I should reward myself with something really expensive this week! Too bad I don't have that much money for lavish things now.
Anyway, I weighed myself this morning and yippie I have lost a total of 11kg since February 2014. *Lompat Bintang*

Wore this old kebaya for Zumba Raya themed class at The Curve

It has been a tough journey. This year I took another approach to weight loss. I started attending dance classes seriously since Chinese New Year. I started with 3 Zumba classes each week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. After getting some results, I joined Sh'bam class once a week on Tuesday mornings.
After a few months, when I thought that my knees were a lot stronger, I started doing Body Jam classes once a week on Saturday mornings.
So, the three types of dance classes have helped me a lot in this journey. I decided not to pursue running since my knees were not in good condition. Zumba helped to strengthen my core and legs, but I had to be really patient to see the results.
The most effective one had to be Body Jam classes. I used to be a Body Jammer way back in 2005, 2006. Most of the instructors I followed back then are no longer teaching the class. Although the choreography now is a lot different than 9 years ago, the classes are getting a lot better. The music used are remixes but familiar to my ears.
Sh'bam and Zumba are quite new to me. Sh'bam uses popular music, all radio friendly and some remixes. It's like going clubbing early in the morning. It's a 45 minute class but I guarantee you'll be sweating like mad even after the 4th song. A lot of hopping, jumping and 'flying' involved in this class. It took me some time to learn the jumping part. I haven't done any jumping, not even jumping jack for a long, long time.
Zumba is basically latin inspired dance. My stiff body took about three months to get used to the moves. Salsa, mambo, samba, cumbia, cha cha - they're using all the basic steps but not easy for me. I can master Body Combat moves in an hour, but latin dance steps are a huge challenge to me.

Body Jammers group photo June 2014

Sh'bammers group photo June 2014

Zumba classmates August 2014

Zumba World Cup theme June 2014

Zumba class in progress - warm up track - June 2014

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