Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finally.... an update!

I haven't posted anything here since October 2011! That's almost 2 years of laziness, I know!
So, where should I start? What should I update first?
Perhaps I should start the entry with my current weight. Well, after almost a year of neglect, well not really neglecting my health, I had a bad fall in December 2011 and another fall in December 2012, I look like someone who has been on a yoyo diet. Life has been funny. I was not able to run for quite some time. My gym sessions had been reduced to once or twice a month between March 2012 - October 2012.
My right knee and back were affected after the fall I had in December 2012. It took a few months to recover. I only started exercising again some time in late February 2013.
Between January - November 2012 my weight skyrocketed to a new height. I was almost as heavy as my 9 months pregnant self. It really scared me when I was getting heart palpitations in October 2012. So, I went to see a cardiologist and she did all the necessary tests. Thank god everything was OK.
I quit my job in November 2012 and stayed at home since. Of course, my children were happy to have their mom at home everyday. Early in the morning (or the night before) they would tell me what they'd like to have for lunch. So, I have been sharpening my cooking skills ever since.
The good thing about eating home cooked food, I managed to control my portion and ensure only healthy dishes are served on the table. The results are slow but I'm not complaining - lost 6 kg in 6 months. Not that bad, eh?
So, now after Ramadhan and Eid celebration, I'm hitting the gym on a more regular basis. Although my knees can't handle BodyCombat classes anymore, I'm happy with Zumba and (sometimes) BodyJam. As long as the instructor plays my favorite tracks, that will keep me returning to the classes.

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